Our Team


  • Reputation. Rushcode is led by some of the most respected figures in the IT field.
  • The depth of experience Rushcode founders are some of the most experienced projects anywhere, and we’ve worked with many of the world’s best-known companies on their implementations, companies ranging from CTS and Infosys to IBM, Oracle, HP, among many others.
  • Training Services We can provide customized training tailored to your specific needs, ranging from industry-standard training to specialized courses for team-members, managers, and the executive team.
  • Innovation Constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve. We embrace change as an opportunity.
  • Team Work Communicate actively and openly. We build trust by honoring our commitments. We show respect for each other and value diversity.
  • Excellence Always strives for excellence and we have a passion for continuous quality improvement. We measure what counts and take action based on facts.
  • Performance Recognize and reward outstanding performance. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals.


Rush Code has over 10 years of experience in Design, Technology and Marketing.

We Put Our whole Experience in Testing and Training.

We Work With Higher Level Of Industrial Needs.

Rush Code believes in working in partnership with our clients, developing mutually beneficial long term relationships. Some of our clients have been Rush Code customers for over 10 years! We have well over 100 different clients, in many verticals, some of our main customers are Deloitte, Lloyds Banking Group.

Our test-driven approach ensures our code is always testable. This, along with frequent refactoring, helps keep ‘technical debt’ low and deliver products of the highest quality. It also ensures that maintaining and enhancing existing software is a smooth process.