Test Environment Control


What is it?

  • Our test environment control service covers the complete setup and management of your test environments, including devices, infrastructure, software and configuration that can be bought as-a-Service to enable your programmer to become more efficient and more effective.

How does it work?

  • Discover and Baseline
    • Analyze your current software testing and test environment management.
  • Design, Build and Pilot
    • Define which actions (policies, standards, processes, guidelines) and tool sets are needed to improve testing within the organization.
    • Help customers the choose the right tools.
    • Offer a pilot or proof of value to show the selected tools can deliver the test environment required within the client organization, and that the proposed process can deliver the expected benefits.
  • Deploy
    • Provide a full TEM roll out.
  • Realize
    • Support and train customers all the way through the process and even after the rollout.

Which issues does it address?

  • Timeliness – It takes a long time to provision a test environment.
  • Cost – A full end-to-end test environment is very costly. Considering the complexities around data protection and management, a full end-to-end test environment is not always pragmatic.
  • Quality – You find defects late in the lifecycle that could have been found earlier if you had a more integrated environment.

 How does it help?

  • Faster – By automating the processes in the test environment, you can deliver releases quicker.
  • Smarter – By using smaller production environment footprints, including lifecycle virtualization, you can minimize your cost.
  • Better – If you environments are integrated and effectively virtualized, then you can improve your test coverage with test environment control