Automation Testing


Automation Testing

With the growing needs and expectations of users with respect to advancement in technology and addiction to diverse categories of software product, IT industry is on the track of gigantic expansion. Software companies are continuously changing and adopting best & faster approaches and practices such as agile & DevOps to release and deliver best quality product to their customers within a short span of time.

However, with the need to accelerate the development process, the deficiency of quickening up the testing activities also needs to be fulfilled. Automated testing may be seen as a boon to the software testing process, which not only increases the speed and productivity of the software testing process but also shortens the release and delivery cycle.

What is Automated Testing?

The need to oust the time-consuming and sluggish approach of manually executing the tests, repeatedly throughout the testing process has diverted the testers to an alternative approach namely automated testing. Automated testing involves the execution of automated tests or test scripts with the help of some specific tools and frameworks, namely automated testing tools.

Why Test Automation?

  • Software testing often requires repetitive execution of tests like, in regression testing. As such, manually executing the tests may prove to be time-consuming. Automated testing is faster than manual testing and slashes the time required in executing the tests.
  • Automation makes a test managed efficiently in such a manner that it can be stored, traced, updated and used in the future to cover and execute the similar type of requirements and functionalities.
  • Automation provides the wider test coverage with the scope of creating a large number of complex automated tests along with their execution repeatedly, over a period of time.
  • Compare to manual testing, automation is less prone to mistakes and ensures accuracy and precision.
  • Freed manual testers from the test execution of the software builds, which are frequently provided by the developers, thereby, facilitate the testers to utilize their time in considering or executing other essential testing activities.

What do we offer in Automation Testing?

We are one of the pioneered automation testing companies, world widely recognized and acclaimed for constantly providing the diverse range of quality test automation and management services to our clients. Our heterogeneous automation testing services include:

Here are the main steps we follow in our automation

· Software Test Automation:

Manual testing is a reasonable approach when few and basic aspects of a software product need to be considered under testing. However, to cope with the large size & complexity of a software project, regular need to validate the software authenticity with respect to dynamic changing requirements, continuous integration & delivery, and all this with precision and accuracy within the stipulated time period, the manual testing approach of testing fails to qualify. Software test automation is the best possible mean to overcome the limitation of manual testing approach in executing the business tests, test strategies and test plans and thus ensures maximum test coverage in the software testing process.

· Web Service Automation Testing:

A web service is an application which is executed over the web with the help of internet to accomplish a particular task. The task of testing the web services comprises of several challenges which can’t be beaten through manual testing activities and will require web service automation.Web services testing automation aids in overcoming the limitation and challenges faced during manual testing approach or process such as:

    • Multiple combinations of network configuration, settings, server architecture, frameworks, back-end database, etc. add to the application’s complexity and make web service almost out of the reach of manual testing approach.
    • An absence of user-interface makes the task of manual testing, difficult and thereby requires some knowledge of the programming languages and web technologies.
    • The need of regression testing to ensure that frequent updates doesn’t impact the existing functionality of the web service.
    • One of the preferred qualities of the web services is to function uninterruptedly in the event of the unexpected load. Unlike, manual, automation facilitates the advantage of creating a large pool of virtual users to perform web services oriented testing such as load, stress and volume testing.

· Mobile Automation:

With the growing complexity, increasing features & functionalities, multiple platforms & network configurations, memory capacity, a wide range of devices and many similar things, there is a lot to test in the mobile. These multiple and distinct elements derive out the large pool of possible and complex combinations that need to be verified and validated on real devices or on emulators or on both to ensure the quality attribute. Further, factors like time constraint & limited resources restrict the usage of the manual approach of mobile testing and demands for the mobile applications test automation.

· Functional Test Automation:

Functional test automation provides the comprehensive coverage of all the intended functionalities for different scenarios and environment. Verifying and validating each functionality for different conditions and environment with precision and accuracy, repeatedly throughout the testing phase using manual approach within a stipulated time period is a tedious job for the testers which may have its own repercussions. Automating the functional tests using functional testing tools is a best practice to avoid these repercussions and ensuring the exhaustive functional coverage of the software along with the quality.

·  Automated Regression Testing:

Regression testing is a methodology of evaluating the authenticity of the existing functionalities after each modification or changes introduced in the software product, which is a frequent and common activity to remove or fix defects throughout the test life cycle. Automating the regression tests to test the originality of the software may prove to be a time-saving and consequently the cost-cutting solution.

Why choose our test automation services?

Our technically enriched QA team comprises of highly skilled and experienced automation test engineers, who know “when to automate?”, “what to automate?” and “how to automate?”. Our QA team believes in the test automation strategy to follow step-by-step procedure towards the achievement of goals and objectives. What makes us, stand apart and at the top as the leading test automation companies. The benefits our test automation services provide are as follow:

    • Our automation approach involves the assessment and analysis of ROI and thereby keeping your testing & test automation strategy relevant. Further, it also includes the development of test suites & frameworks along with their maintenance, test scripts creation & execution.
    • End-to-End and comprehensive automation solution for the software product of multiple domains viz. client-server, web-services, desktop applications, mobile applications, etc.
    • Our QA test automation experts are proficient and well versed in selecting the best tools and frameworks for each different requirement and specification. Some of the automated testing tools used in our test lab include:
      • Selenium
      • Appium
      • Protractor
      • Robotium
      • Galen
      • Applitool
    • To meet the client’s requirements along with the need to cut down the project cost, we have developed our own proprietary automated testing framework – krypton(based on selenium framework) which avoids the cost of hiring additional automation specialists, as Krypton does not involve any sort of programming and coding, and thereby provide ease to manual testers to understand, trained themselves and make use of krypton tool.

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