Induction Training


Induction training is important as it enables a new recruit to become productive as quickly as possible.  It can avoid costly mistakes by recruits not knowing the procedures or techniques of their new jobs.  The length of induction training will vary from job to job and will depend on the complexity of the job, the size of the business and the level or position of the job within the business.

Training provided to new employees by the employer in order to assist in adjustment to their new job tasks and to help them become familiar with their new work environment and the people working around them. This type of training will also outline the basic overview of the business and its services as well as the new employee’s role in the environment.

The following areas may be included in induction training:

  • Learning about the duties of the job
    • Meeting new colleagues
    • Seeing the layout of the premises
    • Learning about the values and aims of the business
    • Learning about the internal workings and policies of the business